One of my new favourite directors of late is the American horror director Edward “Lucky” McKee.
Admittedly I have only watched 3 things that he has directed but that is almost the sum total of his work. Lucky gained a cult following after the release of his best known work May in 2002.
Though his films are ostensibly labelled as horror to me they seem like adolescent dramas that happen to have horror and fantasy themes. I say this because Lucky builds up relationships properly between his characters and also injects all of his films with a certain romance and also a sense of humour. The look of his movies is also very special – slick and colourful without quite tipping into the realms of an MTV music video. All in all it makes for a very pleasant (apart from the gore) viewing experience.

May is the story of an awkward and lonely young woman who is desperate to have relationships like the so-called normal people around her. It is almost like a modern day Carrie, but as I explained above the whole thing plays out more like a coming of age movie. It is only towards the end that things start moving in a horror direction. The movie stars the excellent Angela Bettis who appears in some form in every film that Lucky has made.

Stayed tuned for “The Woods”…

最近のお気に入りの監督の一人は米ホラー監督はEdward “Lucky” McKee
お洒落なんだ けど、MTVのミュージックビデオほどやりすぎてない。
とにかく、えぐい部分はともかく、普通のホラー映画と比べたら、楽しく見れるものだ と思う。
主人公のMayは、Lucky氏の全映画に出演してる演技派女優Angela Bettisが演じてる。