In celebration of the release of Matt Hawkins’ book “Urban Paper” that will be released next month, I have started a new project called “Calling All Cars”. I am currently recruiting artists to customize my paper toy “Go Bananas” that will be featured in the book.

All comers are welcome and once I have enough designs I will make them available for free download, and there is also the possibility of an exhibition in the future.
Click to download the template.

Matt Hawkins also recently sent word that he had received a preview copy of the book and pictures of the real deal can be seen below. Here also is a link to a short video previewing the contents.

It was great to see the book and know that its release is getting ever nearer (plus I was pretty pumped to discover that my design is featured on the back cover).

来月リリースされるペーパークラフトの本「Urban Paper」の記念として、新プロジェクトを始めた。
プロジェクト名は「Calling All Cars」。
本にフィーチャーされている、僕のクラフト「Go Bananas」を世界の色んなアーティストにカスタマイズしてもらいたい。
将来的には「Calling All Cars」のクラフトで展示会ができればいいなと思っている。

この間、本の編集者Matt Hawkinsからプレビュー版の写真を頂いた(以下)。