Following hot on the heels of the Urban Paper show in the Netherlands, the next exhibition will be held here in Japan from September 7th-20th.
Josh McKible (Nanibird) kindly organized the event, which will be held at Cafe Pause in Tokyo run by Tokyo-based writer Jean Snow.
At present there are 13 artists confirmed for the show including Josh and myself.
In celebration of the opening of the show Josh also created a very lovely little paper toy mascot (above) which can be downloaded here.
I will also be revealing my Jumbo Go Bananas craft for the first time (below) in Tokyo.
This special toy will only be available at my exhibitions and possibly in limited quantities on my website at a later date.

Urban Paper」発売記念の展示会はまだまだ続く。アメリカ、オランダに引き続き、今回は東京!
Nanibird」のJosh McKibleがまとめ役になってくれた。ライターのJean Snowが経営している池袋のCafe Pauseで、9月7日~20日に開催。
今回僕は「Go Bananas」の巨大バージョン(下参照)を初めてお披露目する。