My group art show “The Art of Gravity” came to a close last week.
Though we were not overwhelmed with visitors, there was a pretty good turn out.
As always everyone managed to muddle together an interesting display with a wide variety of works on offer.

As mentioned before I decided to try an all papercraft exhibition for the first time.
Though displaying paper is a little trickier than illustrations, I think I was successful and it was great to see all of the stuff I had been hording in boxes finally seeing the light of day.

Having so many different people’s work as part of my display certainly made an impact and I’d like to say thanks again to all of you who have contributed designs to the Calling All Cars series or who have done collabo work with me so far.

Below are a few photos of my stuff and a full gallery can be seen by clicking this link.

僕が参加しているグループ展示会「The Art of Gravity」が先週終了しました。
「Calling All Cars」のシリーズや他のコラボ・プロジェクトのおかげで、僕の物だけではなくて、色んなアーティストの作品も展示することが出来た。