This is well overdue, but last month I went a little crazy and did a load of papercraft customs.
First up is a set of designs I did for Morgan Gleave‘s great new series “Anywere DIY”.
This 2 character set is called “Mutual Appreciation” and shows that a monster and a regular guy can be friends.
More details can be found here and the models can be downloaded from Morgan’s site here.

Next up is my custom for probably the most prolific papercraft series out there “Cubeecraft”.
Cubeecraft models are usually based on existing characters but recently a “Designer Originals” series was added. I jumped on this opportunity and came up with my character “So So Death”, a kind of preppy zombie.
More details here and download the model directly from Cubeecraft here.

I had great fun customizing both of these.
You may also notice a theme developing with my greyscale skulls.
I kind of got hooked on this look after my last illustration for I Want Your Skull magazine.

最初はMorgan Gleaveの新しいカスタムシリーズ「Anywere DIY」のために2個セットを作った。
このキャラクターは「Mutual Appreciation」(相互称賛)と名づけられて、モンスターと人間は仲良く出来るというテーマです。

Cubeecraftのクラフトは主に有名なキャラクターに基づいているけど、最近「Designer Originals」というアーティストのオリジナル・キャラクターシリーズも出た。
この機会に僕のキャラクター「So So Death」を出品した。お坊ちゃん風のゾンビです。

この前「I Want Your Skull」雑誌に出品したイラストに初めて登場して、それからちょっとはまってしまった。