Here’s a little Valentine treat in the form of a special couple of cars.
First up is this war vet entitled “I Just Want a Rockinchair” from French artist Scott Charron.
Scott has a multitude of cute and creepy things to download on his homepage “Little Paper Life”.

Secondly we have a loveable croc sporting his favourite soccer team’s shirt.
This is from Indonesian artist Shoffi Lazuardi and gets about as much as possible out of the A4 sheet.

Not very romantic admittedly, but some lovely designs nonetheless.
Click here or the above image to download these great cars.

最初はフランスのアーティストScott Charronによる少しかわいそうな帰還兵。

A4紙をぎりぎりのところまで使われている、このデザインはインドネシアのShoffi Lazuardiのもの。