Over the last few months I have done quite a few paper toy customs and am a little behind in posting about them. Anyway, here are 2 from the new batch that are now available for download.

First up we have my contribution to KNGL’s new series Paper Monsters.
My design is very originally entitled “Hair, Eyes and Teeth”.
You can click here to visit the very nice dedicated site and download all the designs in the series.
More pics here.

Next up is my Cat-A-Lyst custom for the new series by Morgan Gleave.
I went with the first cat that popped into my head and the result is this maniacal Cheshire Cat.
The title of my creation is “All Mad Here” and you can get it (and many other designs) by clicking here.
More pics here.


最初はKNGLの新シリーズ「Paper Monsters」に提供したデザイン「Hair, Eyes and Teeth」。

次はMorgan Gleaveのカスタム・シリーズ「Cat-A-Lyst」のためにデザインしたもの。