For better or worse I have been very busy with the day job recently hence the lack of updates.
This is pretty late but I’d like to introduce a custom I did of Phil Toys’ “Boxcan”.
It was initially intended to be used for an exhibition, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond Phil’s control this never happened. Phil was however kind enough to let me host my design on my site so you can now go and grab him for free.

The title of my custom is “Ghost Hardware”.
These days I see customs as an opportunity to try out new styles and techniques as can be seen here.
The inspiration behind the piece was the idea of ancient technology with the addition of a certain amount of esoteric signs and symbols.
The Boxcan form is very interesting and it is the first piece I have worked on that allows for a certain amount of poseability. The title came from the title of a track by Burial who I was listening to a lot at the time (see clip below).

ベースはPhil Toysの「Boxcan」。Philさんは皆のカスタムを特別な展示会で使う予定だったが、やむを得ない事情で結局実現されなかった。

作品のタイトルは「Ghost Hardware」。名前は好きなアーティストBurialの曲名から頂いた。

YouTube Preview Image