Here is another recent custom piece – my version of Thomas Hamlyn-Harris’ “Ship’s Cat”, which I named “Salty Tom”. I spent a bit of time researching old sailors’ tattoos and decided to cover him in them.

As well as paper toys Thomas also produces the wonderful online magazine “Inavatof”. Invatof is an inovative blend of puzzles, fun facts and artwork (amongst other things) that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Thomas was kind enough to interview me for the latest symmetry-themed issue and Salty Tom is also featured.

You can get my model from the magazine or as a stand alone PDF directly from my site. I highly recommend Inavatof, so please take a look.

今回のベースはThomas Hamlyn-Harrisさんの「Ship’s Cat」で、名前は「Salty Tom」。

最新版のテーマは「シンメトリー」で、Salty Tomと共に僕のインタビューやアート集もフィーチャーされている。