Firstly I must apologise to anyone who tried to visit my site over the last 3 weeks and found that it had been
listed as an attack site by Google. Some kind hacker found their way into my blog.
Thanks to the efforts of a computer literate friend of my mine things are finally back to normal.
Again, many apologies for the inconvenience.

Back to the case in hand. I returned from my holiday in the UK to find a very welcome package from America. It was also however tinged with much sadness as I received a stack of the latest I Want Your Skull magazines. This was the last issue of the magazine made before Ryan August passed away and the package also included a very kind note from his wife Sarah.

Issue 9 is as always of the highest quality and includes art from some real heavy hitters such as Brian Morris and Hydro74. I think that it is a fitting tribute to all the hard work and passion that Ryan put into this project. My humble contribution can be seen above. The brief was to create something on the theme of “Rebellion” and my piece is called “The Endless Struggle”. I was working again with symmetry and esoteric symbolism.

R.I.P. Ryan.


その中身は「I Want Your Skull」雑誌の最新版。もちろん頂くのは嬉しかったけど、同時にとても悲しい気持ちも感じて。
というのも編集者のRyan Augustさんが亡くなる前の最後の一冊だったから。

今回の雑誌も相変わらずレベルが高く、Brian MorrisHydro74などのアート界の大物も参加している。