A few months ago I was invited by Rick Iks to provide some paper toy customs for an Italian charity event
called Paper People. Here you can see the 2 customs that I submitted.

First is my version of 3EyedBear’s classic 3EyedBear entitled “Scare Bear”.
I tried to remain faithful to the original design and colour scheme while giving the character the Horrorwood touch.
Click here to download.

My second custom was of PhilToys’ Mini Box_Can. With this design I was trying out some new ideas
and went with a simple base and added some esoteric imagery. My custom is called “Esoteric Kid”.
Click here to download.

I had great fun working on both of these very different bases.

2 fund raising exhibitions were held in October this year in Pordenone and Trieste.
The events were apparently well received and so Paper People has been turned into a fully fledged project/community.
Please visit the official website for further information and news on future events.

数ヶ月前にRick Iksさんより「Paper People」というイタリアのチャリティー イベント

最初は3EyedBearさんの代表キャラクター「3EyedBear」のカスタム、「Scare Bear」。

次はPhilToysさんの「Mini Box_Can」のカスタム、「Esoteric Kid」。


10月に2つのチャリティー イベントがイタリアのポルデノーネとトリエスに開催された。
このイベントは好評を博したらしいので、Paper Peopleは本格的なプロジェクト/コミュニティーになった。
Paper Peopleのホームページには色んな画像やイベント情報が載っています。是非見てください。