To celebrate the launch of the amazing new book Papertoy Monsters which features 2 designs by yours truly, Workman Publishing has dubbed January 25th Paper Monster Day. The author of the book paper-pal Castleforte and Workman have come up with all kinds of things to promote the book. Here is a sample:

My contribution to the book is the 2 monsters below “Lord Leonard” and “Lambert”.
They slot together to form a rather nifty desk tidy.
More details to come, as I haven’t actually received a copy of the book myself yet…

僕のデザインが2つ掲載されたペーパークラフト集「Papertoy Monsters」が先日発売されました。
発売の記念として出版社の「Workman Publishing」は1月25日を「Paper Monster Day」と名付けました。

以下が今回掲載された僕の2作品「Lord Leonard」と「Lambert」。