Apologies for the lack of activity recently.
We returned to England for a month and since then work and family business has kept me very busy.
On top of that my computer died taking some of my artwork along with it…

Anyway, here at last is the finished colour version of “Tatargami” that I introduced a few months ago.
I am currently exhibiting this piece and a few others here in Takamatsu as part of a group art show entitled “Far Away So Close”. It features the work of foreign artists living in my area as well some of our Japanese friends. Many diciplines are represented and I think it makes for a very interesting show.

The exhibition is being held at Salon De Rubis from October 24th until November 27th.
If you happen to be in the area please pop in. Details can be found on the postcards below.


今回の展示会は香川県に住んでいる外国人と知り合いの日本人アーティストによるもので、タイトルは「Far Away So Close」。色んな分野の作品が展示されているので凄く面白いショーになると思う。
ルビー商会の「Salon De Rubis」で10月24日~11月27日まで開催されています。もし機会があれば是非寄ってください。詳細は以下のポストカードに。