A little while back I made a chance encounter with a guy called Chris Rauen through a toy trade.
It turns out that Chris is a very proficient custom figure maker and is currently working on a set of Japanese themed pieces. The theme for the customs is a modern take on feudal Japan, mixing ancient and modern warfare imagery.

When Chris heard that I was an illustrator and knew about Japan, he asked if I’d be willing to come up with some insignia for his characters. As a figure enthusiast I was happy for the chance to work on such an interesting project and set about designing some logos.

Chris’ 3 characters are called “The Fox”, “The Hound” and “The Wolf”. I took my inspiration from Japanese family crests and came up with a set of insignia for each character. I used images of animals from Japanese traditional artwork and religious statues.

I tweaked the results to Chris’ liking and the results can be seen here. The customs are apparently close to completion and the next step will be to integrate my logos into the designs somehow. I will report back when the figures are finished for the full reveal.

少し前に、フィギュアの交換がきっかけで、Chris Rauenというアメリカ人と出会った。
その3つのキャラクターの名前は、「The Fox」(狐)、「The Hound」(犬)、と 「The Wolf」(狼)。