Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Calling All Cars: Marsimoto

For the first time in a long while here is a Calling All Cars custom – in fact the 45th artist custom so far.
I actually received this some time last year, so can’t even begin to apologise for how late I am in posting it.
This great design comes from young German artist Elias Heinel.
It is a homage to German rapper Marsimoto and comes complete with a mini boombox and street diorama.
Head over to Horrorwood Hills to grab the free download.

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Water Warrior

Indonesian artist Aditya Sustiawan provides another great entry to the Calling All Cars lineup.
The name of this design is “Water Warrior” and is a pair for his design from earlier this year “Rebel The Word”.
Click here to go grab it!

最新の「Calling All Cars」カスタムを紹介します。
インドネシアのアーティストAditya Sustiawanさんから又素敵なデザインを頂きました。
今回の車の名前は「Water Warrior」で、5月に紹介した「Rebel The Word」とのペアになります。

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Rebel The Word

Well overdue once again but here is the latest addition to the Calling All Cars line-up.
I present to you “Rebel The Word” from Indonesian artist Aditya Sustiawan.
Apologies for the delay and click here to go grab your free download.

またものすごく遅れてしまったけど、最新の「Calling All Cars」カスタムを紹介します。
今回はインドネシアのアーティストAditya Sustiawanさんから頂いた「Rebel The Word」です。

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Chick Magnet

Here is a special Calling All Cars release for Valentine’s Day.
This ladies’ man was designed by photographer Garrison Beau Scott aka baykiddead, and is appropriately titled “chick.magnet”.
Let’s hope he has some luck with the ladies this Valentine’s Day.
Click here to go grab the template.

Garrison has recently taken the plunge into the paper toy world and has already come up with some nice original designs.
Stay tuned for a possible Horrorwood x baykiddead collabo coming soon.

Horrorwoodからのバレンタイン・ギフトとして、「Calling All Cars」の新カスタムを紹介します。
フォトグラファーのGarrison Beau Scottさん(通称 baykiddead)による「chick.magnet」(色男)。



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Welcome to MMXI

Happy New Year from Horrorwood.
Here is the first Calling All Cars custom for 2011, a sweet monochrome number from French artist ETC aka Pandacrew.
Click here to go get it.

2011年の第1目の「Calling All Cars」のカスタムを紹介します。

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Merry Xmas from Horrorwood

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2011 from Horrorwood.
Here is a little gift in the form of a special Calling All Cars Santa custom by British designer Tom McGill.
Click here to grab the goods.

Merry Christmas!
ちょっとしたプレゼントとして、特別なCalling All Carsのペーパークラフトを紹介します。
イギリスのデザイナーTom McGillによる可愛いらしいサンタさん。

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Here Comes The Jumbo Car

As mentioned in a previous post I recently received the 40th custom toy for my Calling All Cars series.
In celebration I have decided to release a jumbo version of the very first custom I received from the masterful Matt Hawkins.
Matt’s design looked great before, but looks even wilder as a jumbo car.
Click here to get your paws on this big boy!
Many thanks once again to Matt of course.

この間紹介したとおり「Calling All Cars」シリーズの第40番目のカスタムを頂いた。
ペーパー世界の大物Matt Hawkinsから頂いた、シリーズの第1台の車のジャンボ・バージョンです。

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Calling All Cars Custom #40

Late as always but here is the 40th custom in my Calling All Cars series.
This car is called “Independent Woman” and was designed by Indonesian artist Yulia aka JoeL.
In Yulia’s own words this toy is “dedicated for Indonesian independence on August 17 and also for all women who are independent, stand for the emancipation”.
Click here to grab the motor.

I think that 40 designs is a milestone worth celebrating and as such I will be releasing a little bonus sometime later this year.

相変わらず遅れぎみのアップになりましたが、「Calling All Cars」シリーズの第40番目のカスタムを紹介します。
今回のデザインはインドネシアのアーティスト「Yulia aka JoeL」による「Independent Woman」。


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Better Late Than Never

This is very late but here are another 2 of my paper toy customs that are now available for download.

Firstly we have a special Calling All Cars toy that I did in collaboration with ToysREvil.
Some of you may remember that I first created this toy for sale at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009.

In celebration of 5 years of the ToysREvil blog I remixed the design as a special birthday version that can now be downloaded for free.
Click here or the banner above to go grab it. More pics on my site here.

Secondly we have one of my most eleborate custom pieces to date, which I did for Marko Zubak’s wonderful ye-boT initiative. He is called “The Guardian”.

Marko displayed his work along with customs from many international artists at a special exhibition in Croatia. It was all very professionally done and Marko even produced a very nice catalogue for the show.

You can download the designs and find out more about the project at the dedicated ye-boT site here.
More pics on my site here.

Marko also produces a very high level PDF paper toy magazine called “II LOVE” and in the latest issue (#5)
he was kind enough to feature my work along with an interview. You can download your copy for free by clicking here.


最初はおもちゃニュースブログ「ToysREvil」のために作った特別な「Calling All Cars」カスタム。

次は多分今まで僕の一番細かいカスタムになる。Marko Zubakの「ye-boT」プロジェクトのためにデザインした「The Guardian」。


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Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas from Horrorwood!
Here is a bonus car as a gift to you.
A lovely little skeleton driver from Indonesian artist Dadik Triadi.
Click here or the above image to download and enjoy.
There will be another bonus dropping in the new year so stay tuned.

インドネシアのアーティスト「Dadik Triadi」から頂いた可愛い骸骨ドライバー。

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Calling All Cars Wave 7

Here they are at last – the 7th (and final official) wave of Calling All Cars.
5 awesome motors to add to your collection.
Click here or the above image to grab the goods.

大変お待たせしました。「Calling All Cars」の第7弾が登場!

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The Final Wave

The final wave of Calling All Cars is almost ready for launch.
Before I push the button, here is an introduction to the featured artists and their cars.

First up is a rather smooth skeleton from my friend and fellow Gravity member Yasushi Hamada.
Yasushi is usually known for his intricate skull-and-bone-based jewelry and he has applied the same asthetic to this car.

Next we have another funky French number in the form of “Kenny” by illustrator Julien “Fasmer” Gendron.
Julien has an awesome portfolio of work that can be seen on his blog here.

Number 3 needs no introduction. This is another homage to a famous car, this time KITT from Knight Rider.
A simple but very effective design from paper artist Zerolabor.
Zerolabor’s papercraft creations can be found here

Following close behind is this colourful introduction to Indonesian culture from Idham Mahardhika.
This car is modeled on the “angkot”, a form of transport found in Bandung, Indonesia.
Idham had many fantastic paper creations that can be seen here.

Lastly we have a humourous but rather reckless driver named Horrorzozz from artist KNGL.
KNGL produces all kinds of toys and customs that can be seen on his blog here.

This wave will be released very shortly. Keep ’em peeled.

「Calling All Cars」の最後のシリーズをそろそろリリースする予定。


次はフランス人イラストレーターJulien “Fasmer” Gendronのファンキーなキャラクター「Kenny」。


四台目はインドネシアの「Idham Mahardhika」のカラフルな作品。本場の雰囲気が満タン!



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