Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Obscure x Horrorwood Paper Toys


These have been a long time in the pipeline, but I am proud to announce the release of my latest series of paper toys.
A while back I was commissioned by Glen Caskie of Obscure Clothing in the UK to produce some promotional toys for him. Obscure’s designs mainly focus on metal and horror themes and so I came up with this set of obscure-looking monsters.
I decided to go all out with these and can safely say that they are my most detailed pieces to date.
Many thanks to Glen for giving me this opportunity and I am so glad we can now share these designs with everyone.
The toys are available to purchase (as a download) direct from Obscure’s webshop.
99p each or £3 for the whole set – bargain!

このクラフトはPRアイテムとして、イギリスのObscure Clothingに依頼されました。
Osbcureの代表Glen Caskieさんにこのような機会を与えて頂いたこと、本当に感謝しています。




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Dog Rider

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Horrorwood x Speakerdog – Night x Day Collabo

Horrorwood has teamed up again to bring you another great collaboration project.
This time I joined forces with Ben the Illustrator (of Speakerdog fame) to produce two great toys.
As with my previous Nanibird tie-up, the idea came to me of rescaling my “Paper Demon” toy so that he could ride on a Speakerdog.
The result is the 2 toys you see here:
my “Dog Rider” representing the dark side, and Ben’s “Uke Troupe” representing the light.
The craft are available for free download from our respective sites.
Once again I have also created some free wallpaper to celebrate the completion of the project.
Click here or the relevant image to go grab the goods!

今回は「Speakerdog」ペーパークラフトシリーズで人気の大物アーティストBen the Illustratorと組んで、2つの素晴らしいセットを作った。
この間紹介したNanibirdのコラボと同じ感じで、僕のクラフト「Paper Demon」を拡大して、Speakerdogに乗れる要にした。
暗黒面を代表する、僕の「Dog Rider
明面を代表する、Benの「Uke Troupe
このコラボの完成の記念として、色んなサイズの「Dog Rider」壁紙も無料で提供します。

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Horrorwood x Nanibird – Calling All Cars Mega Combo

For the release of the Urban Paper book a few weeks ago Josh McKible (of Nanibird fame) and I decided to do a special collaboration. I came up with the idea of scaling up my “Calling All Cars” car so that it could accommodate one of Josh’s Nanibirds. The result is these 2 exclusive designs that can be downloaded as a deluxe bumper bundle.

My design is called “The Banana Bird”, for which I clothed a bird (based on a real Banana Bird) in the same outfit as my original “Go Bananas” ape. The car is the same red sporty number as the original (albeit super-sized to fit the bird).

Josh went with a radical reworking of the original base and created the wonderfully futuristic “Space Racer”.
The feeling of speed he created with this one is fantastic. Instead of wheels this baby actually “hovers” in the air.

This is a dual release available for download on both of our sites.

I have also created some wallpaper of my design at various sizes which is free to download.
Head over here or click the image above to grab the goods.

「Urban Paper」の本のリリース記念として、僕とNanibirdのJosh McKibleは特別のコラボ・プロジェクトを計画した。
JoshのNanibirdが乗れるように僕「Calling All Cars」の車を拡大してみた。

僕のクラフトは最初に出した車のデザイン「Go Bananas」のパクリ。
鳥は本当に実在する「Banana Bird」に基づいていて、鳥の衣装は「Go Bananas」の猿と同じ。

Joshは上手いこと工夫して、車をハイテックなスペースシップとして作り直した。タイトルは「Space Racer」。



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