Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Profondo Rosso

Here is a custom I did a few months ago of VinsArt’s Ape-Paper.
My design is called “Profondo Rosso” (a nod to the horror theme and the fact that Vins is Italian).
I used Photoshop for this one, as a more realistic approach seemed to fit the model better.
For more photos and to download the template please click here.

デザインのタイトルは「Profondo Rosso」(Vinsさんはイタリア人なので有名なイタリアのホラー映画のタイトルを使った)。

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As you can probably tell by the lack of updates things are a little busy here.
I have finally got around to finishing a few projects.
This is very late, but here is my custom of baykiddead‘s Leechoso.
My design is called “Miasma”.
For more photos and to grab the file please click here.


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Spider Monkey

Here is my latest paper toy custom for Ivan Ricci aka Kawaii-Style.
This is my version of Ivan’s “Kikoo” and is imaginatively titled “Spider Monkey”.
Kikoo was a fun base to work with and the whole design of the finished model is very innovative.
Click here to for more pics and to download the satanic Spider Monkey for yourself.

最新のカスタムを紹介します。ベースはIvan Ricci(Kawaii-Style)さんの「Kikoo」。
僕の悪魔の猿くんの名前は見た目の通りの「Spider Monkey」(クモザル)。

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Esoteric Nanibirds

Here are my 2 latest customs for the 4th (and possible final) Batch of Josh McKible’s Nanibirds.
This time Josh managed to assemble 40 fantastic designs from around the world.
As usual with my Nanibird customs I went overboard and made a pair. These 2 are called “Esoteric Day” and “Esoteric Night”. As the title would suggest I went and covered them with as many esoteric and occult signs and symbols as I could.
They are however not completely random and I did quite a lot of research to make sure that everything I used is not just nonsense.
As you can see they also fit together by virtue of a Master Mason’s handshake.
Click here to go get ’em.

Josh McKibleさんのNanibirdの新シリーズのために作ったもの。
タイトルは「Esoteric Day」と「Esoteric Night」。

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Paper People

A few months ago I was invited by Rick Iks to provide some paper toy customs for an Italian charity event
called Paper People. Here you can see the 2 customs that I submitted.

First is my version of 3EyedBear’s classic 3EyedBear entitled “Scare Bear”.
I tried to remain faithful to the original design and colour scheme while giving the character the Horrorwood touch.
Click here to download.

My second custom was of PhilToys’ Mini Box_Can. With this design I was trying out some new ideas
and went with a simple base and added some esoteric imagery. My custom is called “Esoteric Kid”.
Click here to download.

I had great fun working on both of these very different bases.

2 fund raising exhibitions were held in October this year in Pordenone and Trieste.
The events were apparently well received and so Paper People has been turned into a fully fledged project/community.
Please visit the official website for further information and news on future events.

数ヶ月前にRick Iksさんより「Paper People」というイタリアのチャリティー イベント

最初は3EyedBearさんの代表キャラクター「3EyedBear」のカスタム、「Scare Bear」。

次はPhilToysさんの「Mini Box_Can」のカスタム、「Esoteric Kid」。


10月に2つのチャリティー イベントがイタリアのポルデノーネとトリエスに開催された。
このイベントは好評を博したらしいので、Paper Peopleは本格的なプロジェクト/コミュニティーになった。
Paper Peopleのホームページには色んな画像やイベント情報が載っています。是非見てください。

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Salty Tom

Here is another recent custom piece – my version of Thomas Hamlyn-Harris’ “Ship’s Cat”, which I named “Salty Tom”. I spent a bit of time researching old sailors’ tattoos and decided to cover him in them.

As well as paper toys Thomas also produces the wonderful online magazine “Inavatof”. Invatof is an inovative blend of puzzles, fun facts and artwork (amongst other things) that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Thomas was kind enough to interview me for the latest symmetry-themed issue and Salty Tom is also featured.

You can get my model from the magazine or as a stand alone PDF directly from my site. I highly recommend Inavatof, so please take a look.

今回のベースはThomas Hamlyn-Harrisさんの「Ship’s Cat」で、名前は「Salty Tom」。

最新版のテーマは「シンメトリー」で、Salty Tomと共に僕のインタビューやアート集もフィーチャーされている。


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Ghost Hardware

For better or worse I have been very busy with the day job recently hence the lack of updates.
This is pretty late but I’d like to introduce a custom I did of Phil Toys’ “Boxcan”.
It was initially intended to be used for an exhibition, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond Phil’s control this never happened. Phil was however kind enough to let me host my design on my site so you can now go and grab him for free.

The title of my custom is “Ghost Hardware”.
These days I see customs as an opportunity to try out new styles and techniques as can be seen here.
The inspiration behind the piece was the idea of ancient technology with the addition of a certain amount of esoteric signs and symbols.
The Boxcan form is very interesting and it is the first piece I have worked on that allows for a certain amount of poseability. The title came from the title of a track by Burial who I was listening to a lot at the time (see clip below).

ベースはPhil Toysの「Boxcan」。Philさんは皆のカスタムを特別な展示会で使う予定だったが、やむを得ない事情で結局実現されなかった。

作品のタイトルは「Ghost Hardware」。名前は好きなアーティストBurialの曲名から頂いた。

YouTube Preview Image

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Better Late Than Never

This is very late but here are another 2 of my paper toy customs that are now available for download.

Firstly we have a special Calling All Cars toy that I did in collaboration with ToysREvil.
Some of you may remember that I first created this toy for sale at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009.

In celebration of 5 years of the ToysREvil blog I remixed the design as a special birthday version that can now be downloaded for free.
Click here or the banner above to go grab it. More pics on my site here.

Secondly we have one of my most eleborate custom pieces to date, which I did for Marko Zubak’s wonderful ye-boT initiative. He is called “The Guardian”.

Marko displayed his work along with customs from many international artists at a special exhibition in Croatia. It was all very professionally done and Marko even produced a very nice catalogue for the show.

You can download the designs and find out more about the project at the dedicated ye-boT site here.
More pics on my site here.

Marko also produces a very high level PDF paper toy magazine called “II LOVE” and in the latest issue (#5)
he was kind enough to feature my work along with an interview. You can download your copy for free by clicking here.


最初はおもちゃニュースブログ「ToysREvil」のために作った特別な「Calling All Cars」カスタム。

次は多分今まで僕の一番細かいカスタムになる。Marko Zubakの「ye-boT」プロジェクトのためにデザインした「The Guardian」。


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New Batch of Customs

Over the last few months I have done quite a few paper toy customs and am a little behind in posting about them. Anyway, here are 2 from the new batch that are now available for download.

First up we have my contribution to KNGL’s new series Paper Monsters.
My design is very originally entitled “Hair, Eyes and Teeth”.
You can click here to visit the very nice dedicated site and download all the designs in the series.
More pics here.

Next up is my Cat-A-Lyst custom for the new series by Morgan Gleave.
I went with the first cat that popped into my head and the result is this maniacal Cheshire Cat.
The title of my creation is “All Mad Here” and you can get it (and many other designs) by clicking here.
More pics here.


最初はKNGLの新シリーズ「Paper Monsters」に提供したデザイン「Hair, Eyes and Teeth」。

次はMorgan Gleaveのカスタム・シリーズ「Cat-A-Lyst」のためにデザインしたもの。

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Here is another papercraft custom that I completed at the end of last year.
This is Gubi-Gubi designed by Malaysian artist Harold P. Ringgingon aka Pain Killah Art.
My custom is called “New Flesh”.
I was going for a new (more colourful) look and am pretty pleased with the result.
My toy is part of the Christmas 2009 series and can be downloaded directly from Harold’s blog here.
More pictures of my custom can be seen here.

去年の最後の方に完成したカスタム。タイトルは「New Flesh」。
マレーシアのアーティスト「Harold P. Ringgingon」(別名Pain Killah Art)に依頼されたので

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Custom Crazy

This is well overdue, but last month I went a little crazy and did a load of papercraft customs.
First up is a set of designs I did for Morgan Gleave‘s great new series “Anywere DIY”.
This 2 character set is called “Mutual Appreciation” and shows that a monster and a regular guy can be friends.
More details can be found here and the models can be downloaded from Morgan’s site here.

Next up is my custom for probably the most prolific papercraft series out there “Cubeecraft”.
Cubeecraft models are usually based on existing characters but recently a “Designer Originals” series was added. I jumped on this opportunity and came up with my character “So So Death”, a kind of preppy zombie.
More details here and download the model directly from Cubeecraft here.

I had great fun customizing both of these.
You may also notice a theme developing with my greyscale skulls.
I kind of got hooked on this look after my last illustration for I Want Your Skull magazine.

最初はMorgan Gleaveの新しいカスタムシリーズ「Anywere DIY」のために2個セットを作った。
このキャラクターは「Mutual Appreciation」(相互称賛)と名づけられて、モンスターと人間は仲良く出来るというテーマです。

Cubeecraftのクラフトは主に有名なキャラクターに基づいているけど、最近「Designer Originals」というアーティストのオリジナル・キャラクターシリーズも出た。
この機会に僕のキャラクター「So So Death」を出品した。お坊ちゃん風のゾンビです。

この前「I Want Your Skull」雑誌に出品したイラストに初めて登場して、それからちょっとはまってしまった。

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Speakerdog Customs

Earlier this year I created a couple of customs for Ben the Illustrator‘s prolific Speakerdog series.
Like the Nanibird, Speakerdog is a simple but versatile platform to work with.
I really enjoyed doing these and tried to come up with 2 very different designs.
Both of my toys are included in Speakerdog Series 6, which was released a few weeks back and features the work of a whopping 64 different artists.
Download all of the designs from Ben’s site here:

More photos of my designs can be found here.

数ヶ月前に「Ben the Illustrator」の人気ペーパークラフトシリーズ「Speakerdog」のために2つのデザインを作った。

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