Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Esoteric Nanibirds

Here are my 2 latest customs for the 4th (and possible final) Batch of Josh McKible’s Nanibirds.
This time Josh managed to assemble 40 fantastic designs from around the world.
As usual with my Nanibird customs I went overboard and made a pair. These 2 are called “Esoteric Day” and “Esoteric Night”. As the title would suggest I went and covered them with as many esoteric and occult signs and symbols as I could.
They are however not completely random and I did quite a lot of research to make sure that everything I used is not just nonsense.
As you can see they also fit together by virtue of a Master Mason’s handshake.
Click here to go get ’em.

Josh McKibleさんのNanibirdの新シリーズのために作ったもの。
タイトルは「Esoteric Day」と「Esoteric Night」。

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Papertoy Monster Day

To celebrate the launch of the amazing new book Papertoy Monsters which features 2 designs by yours truly, Workman Publishing has dubbed January 25th Paper Monster Day. The author of the book paper-pal Castleforte and Workman have come up with all kinds of things to promote the book. Here is a sample:

My contribution to the book is the 2 monsters below “Lord Leonard” and “Lambert”.
They slot together to form a rather nifty desk tidy.
More details to come, as I haven’t actually received a copy of the book myself yet…

僕のデザインが2つ掲載されたペーパークラフト集「Papertoy Monsters」が先日発売されました。
発売の記念として出版社の「Workman Publishing」は1月25日を「Paper Monster Day」と名付けました。

以下が今回掲載された僕の2作品「Lord Leonard」と「Lambert」。

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RIP Ryan August Skull King

Please send Paypal donations to eyewantyourskull(at)gmail.com.
You can download the toys by clicking here.

今年7月に友人のアーティストRyan Augustさんが悲惨な事故で亡くなりました。

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I Want Your Skull 9

Firstly I must apologise to anyone who tried to visit my site over the last 3 weeks and found that it had been
listed as an attack site by Google. Some kind hacker found their way into my blog.
Thanks to the efforts of a computer literate friend of my mine things are finally back to normal.
Again, many apologies for the inconvenience.

Back to the case in hand. I returned from my holiday in the UK to find a very welcome package from America. It was also however tinged with much sadness as I received a stack of the latest I Want Your Skull magazines. This was the last issue of the magazine made before Ryan August passed away and the package also included a very kind note from his wife Sarah.

Issue 9 is as always of the highest quality and includes art from some real heavy hitters such as Brian Morris and Hydro74. I think that it is a fitting tribute to all the hard work and passion that Ryan put into this project. My humble contribution can be seen above. The brief was to create something on the theme of “Rebellion” and my piece is called “The Endless Struggle”. I was working again with symmetry and esoteric symbolism.

R.I.P. Ryan.


その中身は「I Want Your Skull」雑誌の最新版。もちろん頂くのは嬉しかったけど、同時にとても悲しい気持ちも感じて。
というのも編集者のRyan Augustさんが亡くなる前の最後の一冊だったから。

今回の雑誌も相変わらずレベルが高く、Brian MorrisHydro74などのアート界の大物も参加している。


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R.I.P. Ryan August

Earlier this week I received some incredibly sad news.
Ryan August of I Want Your Skull was killed in a car crash on Saturday July 11th.
He was driving home with his son in a storm when his car hit a tree.
Luckily his son survived with minor injuries but Ryan died on impact.

You have probably noticed Ryan’s name mentioned regularly on my site.
Though I have never met him in person, I felt like we had become friends through our email communications.
I was invited several times to contribute illustrations to his magazine and this culminated in our paper toy collaboration Skull King.
My illustrations for IWYS were the first time that I had had anything in print so it really meant a lot to me.
Ryan was also an enthusiast of Japanese tattoo culture and I used to enjoy sending him packages of bizarre books.

The internet is a strange place. Making friends over the net is great but hearing of their death in the same way is just bizarre.
My thoughts are with Ryan’s wife Sarah and his son Declan.

I hope to do some kind of artwork as a small tribute to Ryan in the near future as I cannot really think of any thing else I can do.

「I Want Your Skull」のRyan Augustが11日に交通事故で亡くなりました。

Ryanが編集している雑誌に3回ほどイラストを載せて頂いたり、先月合作のペーパークラフトシリーズ「Skull King」も完成したばかり。



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Skull King Artist Customs

You may remember my Skull King paper toy that was released as an exclusive free gift with the last issue of I Want Your Skull magazine.
Well, Ryan of IWYS and I got together and decided to recruit some artists to customize my craft.
We ended up with 7 fantastic designs from various artists who have previously contributed to IWYS magazine.
This time all of the designs are available for free download and we have split the series into 2 sets, which can be downloaded exclusively from our respective sites.
Click the relevant image to go grab those Skull Kings!
There may be more to come in the future so keep ’em peeled.

数ヶ月前にスカルアート雑誌「I Want Your Skull」のために特別のペーパークラフト「Skull King」を紹介した。
おかげさまで好評だったので、色んなアーティストにSkull Kingのカスタムを作ってもらうことにした。

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Better Late Than Never

This is very late but here are another 2 of my paper toy customs that are now available for download.

Firstly we have a special Calling All Cars toy that I did in collaboration with ToysREvil.
Some of you may remember that I first created this toy for sale at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009.

In celebration of 5 years of the ToysREvil blog I remixed the design as a special birthday version that can now be downloaded for free.
Click here or the banner above to go grab it. More pics on my site here.

Secondly we have one of my most eleborate custom pieces to date, which I did for Marko Zubak’s wonderful ye-boT initiative. He is called “The Guardian”.

Marko displayed his work along with customs from many international artists at a special exhibition in Croatia. It was all very professionally done and Marko even produced a very nice catalogue for the show.

You can download the designs and find out more about the project at the dedicated ye-boT site here.
More pics on my site here.

Marko also produces a very high level PDF paper toy magazine called “II LOVE” and in the latest issue (#5)
he was kind enough to feature my work along with an interview. You can download your copy for free by clicking here.


最初はおもちゃニュースブログ「ToysREvil」のために作った特別な「Calling All Cars」カスタム。

次は多分今まで僕の一番細かいカスタムになる。Marko Zubakの「ye-boT」プロジェクトのためにデザインした「The Guardian」。


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Dog Rider

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Here is my latest illustration entitled “Oddomatic”.
Some of you may remember that this is the same title as my friend’s band Eenik‘s debut album.

Though this piece was not done directly for the band, I ran with the word Oddomatic to see where it would take me. As you can see the result is a rather messy box of cereal, spilling muck and free gifts onto the breakfast table.

This one took me quite a long time, but I am very pleased with the result.
Hopefully this one will also turn into a poster or appear on a T-shirt at some point.


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Eenik Warrior

Here are 2 more pieces that I did for my friend’s band Eenik.
The first one turned out to be some kind of Samurai.
Again, I got some feedback from the band which helped create a much better end result.
I adjusted a few elements and changed the colour scheme to neon which I think works surprisingly well.

The second piece was more of an experiment in new techniques.
I reworked an old unfinished illustration and tried out some dirt and paint effects.
The logo at the bottom was created by my friend front-man Craig and will probably be used by the band from now on.
This one will probably not be used by the band but it was a good experiment nonetheless.

A few days ago I received a physical copy of Eenik’s new album “Oddomatic”.
The artwork on the case is fantastic and was also created by Craig.
I of course highly recommend the album. You can listen to a sample and purchase directly from the band’s blog.




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My good friend Craig’s band Eenik have been working on their first album for the last 5 years.
The hard work has finally paid off and their debut “Oddomatic” was released last month.
You can listen to/purchase the album by visiting the band’s homepage here.
Eenik’s music is an eclectic mix of many styles and I can guarantee that you have never heard anything like it before.
In celebration of the release I created the poster above for the band.
This image should make it on to a t-shirt soon.
I will hopefully be working a lot with the band from now on and am looking forward to trying out many new styles.


YouTube Preview Image

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Custom Crazy

This is well overdue, but last month I went a little crazy and did a load of papercraft customs.
First up is a set of designs I did for Morgan Gleave‘s great new series “Anywere DIY”.
This 2 character set is called “Mutual Appreciation” and shows that a monster and a regular guy can be friends.
More details can be found here and the models can be downloaded from Morgan’s site here.

Next up is my custom for probably the most prolific papercraft series out there “Cubeecraft”.
Cubeecraft models are usually based on existing characters but recently a “Designer Originals” series was added. I jumped on this opportunity and came up with my character “So So Death”, a kind of preppy zombie.
More details here and download the model directly from Cubeecraft here.

I had great fun customizing both of these.
You may also notice a theme developing with my greyscale skulls.
I kind of got hooked on this look after my last illustration for I Want Your Skull magazine.

最初はMorgan Gleaveの新しいカスタムシリーズ「Anywere DIY」のために2個セットを作った。
このキャラクターは「Mutual Appreciation」(相互称賛)と名づけられて、モンスターと人間は仲良く出来るというテーマです。

Cubeecraftのクラフトは主に有名なキャラクターに基づいているけど、最近「Designer Originals」というアーティストのオリジナル・キャラクターシリーズも出た。
この機会に僕のキャラクター「So So Death」を出品した。お坊ちゃん風のゾンビです。

この前「I Want Your Skull」雑誌に出品したイラストに初めて登場して、それからちょっとはまってしまった。

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