Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
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Graph Reborn

I had my weekly meeting with the Matsuokas at the Graph office today.
Big plans are afoot. As you can see from the photos above, the office is undergoing a complete transformation. The plan is to officially re-open Graph this summer as a design office/gallery space/shop.

The whole project is a big undertaking and is a collaborative effort between many parties. Kojiro Nakai of Triumph Design was also there today. He will be working on the shop interior and fittings. John Boardley of Redsil fame will be helping with the exterior design (amongst other things), and I myself will be lending a hand where I can. Kojiro and John were my brothers in crime at the Art of Gravity exhibition earlier this year.

It should be a very interesting space once completed (indeed it is already), and there is already a multitude of plans brewing for exhibitions, new design projects, further collaborations and the like.
Watch this space.


Art of Gravity展で一緒だったTriumph Designの中井こうじろうさんも今日来てくれていた。
彼はインテリア・家具など、そして同じくRedsilのJohn Boardleyはエクステリアでそれぞれの才能を活かしている。そして僕は・・・出来ることはなんでも手伝う予定。

完成したらかなり面白くなりそう� (既に面白い場所なんだ けどね)。
このスペースを使って展示会をやったり、デザインの企画をしたり、他のアーティスト達とコラボイベントをしたりなど、色々なアイデアがすでに浮かんでいる。これは目が離せなくなりそう !

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Satisfied Customers

� �

During Golden Week we were visited by Naoko’s cousin, her husband and their lovely baby boy. Here are some pictures of Mum and Dad sporting 2 of our shirts and looking very good in them if I do say so myself. Shame we don’t have any baby sizes to complete the picture…

As you may have noticed the Graph x Horrorwood T-shirts are now on sale.

残念ながらベビーサイズは無くって・・・あれば完璧だ ったんだ けどね。

そうそう、Graph x Horrorwood Tシャツ、ネットでも発売中!

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A Good Day’s Work

I spent the day yesterday at the Graph Design office putting the finishing touches to our T-shirts. All the designs had arrived and we set about packaging the products. Mr Matsuoka had also ordered some custom-made Horrorwood labels and he spent most of the day sweating behind the sewing machine attaching them. The labels added a final professional touch to the shirts, and again though I do say so myself the finished products look pretty damn good.

I would like to add a special thanks to the Matsuokas’ daughter Shouko who was roped into working in our sweatshop though she was supposed to be on holiday. Without her help we wouldn’t have been able to finish everything yesterday.

The shirts are now ready to roll. I will be posting final images and order details in the near future. In the meantime any order enquiries should be made directly to Graph Design at info@graphdesign.jp.

昨日Graph Designに行って、Tシャツの最後の仕上げをやって来た。
最後の仕上げとしてラベルが付き、自分で言うのもなんだ けど完成品が凄く良い感じ。まさにプロフェッショナル!

松岡夫妻の娘さんショウコちゃんにも特別に感謝しないとだ め。
せっかくの休みのはずだ ったのに僕達の強制労働チーム に参加 し、一日中頑張ってくれた。

Tシャツはもう完成してるので、近い内に完成品の画像や注文詳細などをアップします。その間 の注文の問い合わせは、直接Graph Designの方に連絡をお願いします。メールはinfo@graphdesign.jp

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Last week I had another meeting at Graph Design, this time to discuss packaging design for our T-shirts. The boxes that we had ordered had come in and we set about making up some samples. Each final product will be presented in a box along with a few extras as mentioned earlier – some info cards as well as a random magnet sticker based on each design.� Below are some pictures to give you an idea of what the finished products will look like.

We also discussed tags and labels and are considering hand stitching our own tags onto the shirts. The full batch should be in hand next week, so stay tuned.

先週Graph Designに 行って、Tシャツのパッケージについて打ち合わせした。注文した箱が届いたので、僕がデザインしたシールを貼って、サンプルを作って見た。先週決めた通 り、完成品は箱に入れて、ちょっとしたおまけも付ける(インフォカードと各デザインに合わせた可愛いマグネットステッカー)。


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T-shirts ahoy

I visited Graph Design last week and we now have the sample T-shirts in hand. Even though I do say so myself the results were very pleasing.

2 designs were done using silk screens (Robots & Fiends) and 1 using digital printing (Skullboy). Both yielded very nice results but a slightly different feel. Fiends seem to work best as a screen print due to the simplicity of the design, and Skullboy really benefited from the vibrant colours that the digital printing can offer – apparently a slightly more expensive technique was used and this paid off with a nice mat finish as apposed to the usual horrible shininess.

Each shirt will be available in various different colourways and sizes (including kids) and the Robots will be available as a tank top for the ladies (see above).
We are currently working on the packaging. Each shirt will come in a presentation box that also includes a few extra goodies as mentioned before.
Shirts should be available for purchase next month. Watch this space.

Anyway I will stop rambling and let you have a look for yourself:

先週Graph Designに行って、出来立てほやほやのTシャツのサンプルを見て来ました。自分で言うのもなんだけど、出来が凄く良かった。

全部で3三つのデザインがTシャツ化した。2枚がシルクスクリーン(ロボットとFiends)で、1枚は転写プリント(Skullboy)で作っ た。どちらともいい感じに仕上がったが、雰囲気がそれぞれ微妙に違う。Fiendsのデザインがかなりシンプルなので、シルクスクリーンに一番向いている と思う。写真では見にくいかも知れないけど、Skullboyは転写プリントのお陰で凄く鮮やかな色になった。Skullboyのデザインには普段より ちょっと高いテクニックを利用したらしい。そのため、よくあるダサいピカピカ感がなく、良い感じのマット仕上げになった。




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Step 1 to World Domination

During my first Japanese exhibition that was held at the beginning of last month in Takamatsu, I had the good fortune to meet a Japanese couple who run their own� design office. For some reason they took a liking to my� art and before I knew it we had made an agreement to turn some of my designs into T-shirts.

No complaints from my end.

Anyway, a� few weeks later and some prototypes are currently under production. We ran with 3 designs in various colourways. I have yet to see the results but they should be ready by next week.

The plan is to create some high quality products in short runs. If all goes according to plan the T-shirts will be presented in boxes, hopefully along with some little extras in the form of a set. We are aiming for the beginning of summer for maximum effect.

Keep you eyes peeled and in the meantime here are some pictures of us in the Graph Design office with the Matsuokas coming up with a few ideas.

I will be posting some of the designs on the main site shortly.





取りあえずGRAPH DESIGN事務所にて、松岡夫妻との打合せ風景をUPします。


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