Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
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Gravity Comes and Goes

My group art show “The Art of Gravity” came to a close last week.
Though we were not overwhelmed with visitors, there was a pretty good turn out.
As always everyone managed to muddle together an interesting display with a wide variety of works on offer.

As mentioned before I decided to try an all papercraft exhibition for the first time.
Though displaying paper is a little trickier than illustrations, I think I was successful and it was great to see all of the stuff I had been hording in boxes finally seeing the light of day.

Having so many different people’s work as part of my display certainly made an impact and I’d like to say thanks again to all of you who have contributed designs to the Calling All Cars series or who have done collabo work with me so far.

Below are a few photos of my stuff and a full gallery can be seen by clicking this link.

僕が参加しているグループ展示会「The Art of Gravity」が先週終了しました。
「Calling All Cars」のシリーズや他のコラボ・プロジェクトのおかげで、僕の物だけではなくて、色んなアーティストの作品も展示することが出来た。

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The Art of Gravity Part 4

From September 19th-27th we will be holding the 4th instalment of the Art of Gravity group art show.
This time we are back up to 8 members and as always span a wide range of genres.
There will be papercraft, illustration, t-shirts, photography, jewellery, accessories, bags, sculpture and more.

I will be mainly exhibiting my papercraft this time, as I have so many models now and hope that it will make for an interesting display.

If anyone happens to be in Takamatsu, Japan at this time please come along.
Details can be found on the poster above or by visiting the Gravity homepage.

9月の連休を含む9月18日~27日に「The Art of Gravity展」の第4弾を開催します。



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Gravity 08

The Art of Gravity group exhibition finished last Sunday.
We had a pretty good week with roughly the same amount of visitors as last time.

As an artist it is always interesting to see what kind of things catch people’s attention.
This time I had more detailed and perhaps more horror themed pieces on display, but as always it was the “cuter”, simpler characters (like my “Meat Bear“) that seemed to be more popular. Hardly a surprise I suppose, and the reason why I always try to produce a range of work as I know that skulls are not to everyone’s liking. It was also the first time that I had displayed my papercraft, which gave people something a little different to look at.

I am currently playing with some ideas for different kinds of exhibitions, but if possible I would like to keep the Gravity project going and have at least one group show a year.

Thanks to all the members and also to our visitors of course.

The Art of Gravity展 第3弾」が先週の日曜日に無事終わりました。

でも、やっぱりシンプルで可愛いキャラクター(「Meat Bear」など)の方が人気を集めた。



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Horrorwood News

I thought it was about time that I updated with a few pieces of Horrorwood news.

Firstly as I am sure most of you will have noticed I am slowly bringing a few different touches to the site and started with a new header logo.

This also brings me to my second piece of news. I have just completed my third t-shirt design. The front bears the above new logo in shocking pink, with “The Beast of Horrorwood” curled up on the back. I personally feel that this is the best shirt so far. More details can be found on the t-shirts page.

Thirdly, as I may have mentioned before, my papercraft “Go Bananas” is to feature in a bona fide published book. It is called “Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build“, and was put together by web aquaintance Matt Hawkins, who kindly asked me to join the project a few months ago. The book will be out next Spring but is available for pre-order on Amazon now. It will include a DVD of all the papercraft designs for readers to put together themselves.

Lastly, today was the opening day of The Art of Gravity Part 3 show. It was a national holiday here in Japan today and this was reflected in the number of visitors we had (over 100 at the midway point when I left). We were also interviewed live on local radio. I feel that I have upped the ante both with the quality of my artwork and display this year. The show will be running all week if anyone is in the area.




以前ブログに書いたかもしれないが、僕のクラフト「Go Bananas」は本格的な本に掲載される。
本のタイトルは「Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build」。
ウェブを通して知り合ったMatt Hawkinsさんが編集したもので、来年の春に発売予定だけど、既にアマゾンなどで予約できるらしい。

今日から、グループ展示会「The Art of Gravity 第三弾」が始まった。

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The Art of Gravity Part III

The Art of Gravity」展、第三弾を一年ぶりに開催します!

After a year’s hiatus The Art of Gravity group show will return this October from the 13th to the 19th.
Most of the details are the same as before, except for the number of artists participating (this time 7).
The flyers and the posters are done and are presented here and more details can be found on the homepage.
There will be painting, photography, sculpture, silver work, bags and a lot more.
I myself will be displaying illustrations along with some t-shirts and other products.
If anyone happens to be in Takamatsu, Japan in October please swing by.

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Success for Gravity

The Art of Gravity Part IIは日曜日の夜に無事に終了しました。


The Art of Gravity Part II came to a close on Sunday.
All in all it proved to be a very successful week, both in terms of visitor numbers and sales.
We were also featured on local TV and interviewed live on the radio!
A great time was had by all, thus securing the continuation and expansion of the Gravity project.
Many thanks to everyone who took the time to come down and see the show, and of course to all the members for their hard work.

Watch this space for more action in the near future.

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Snug Stain

嶋谷くんは『Snug Stain』というブランド名で、ハンドメイドで精巧なシルバーアクセサリーを制作している。



Be there or be square(直訳:つまらない人間になりたくなかったら、必ず来ること)

A few weeks ago friend and fellow Gravity member Takeshi Shimatani recruited me to design some packaging for his jewellery. Takeshi hand makes highly detailed silver accessories under his Snug Stain label. The pieces I helped design packaging for are all highly detailed miniature replicas of motorbike parts, such as pistons and sparkplugs.

I went with the idea of creating parodies of existing product packaging. The real challenge was making the packaging look as dirty as possible, which was Takeshi’s one stipulation.
After playing around with some new functions on Illustrator, I finally managed to come up with some pretty convincing oil and dirt effects.

Please note that each box has different dirt!
Takeshi is not the only one who is a stickler for detail…

The Gravity show starts on Monday.
Be there or be square.

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友人のAdrian Goodhand がちょっと前からブログ “Overcast“を始めた。



My good friend Adrian Goodhand started a blog a while back on which he showcases his black and white photography along with his poetry under the name “Overcast“.

Adrian is the kind of person that always has a note book on him and apparently some of the work is from more than 10 years ago, so it is good to see it finally seeing the light of day. The poetry is a perfect compliment to Adrian’s rather dark photographic style.

Adrian is a member of our Gravity art group and I have been wanting to do a collaborative piece with him for a while. As we have another exhibition coming up, I thought it was perfect timing to try to come up with something. You can see the result below. The piece will be on display (and sale) at our next Gravity show.

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The Art of Gravity Part II

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Gravity and Skulls

Art of Gravity展の第2弾!10月8日(月)~14(日)に決定!

今回の展示会はGraph Designがスポンサー。前回の展示会がきっかけとなって、以来色々なプロジェクトを考えたりしていたので、必然的な偶然?のようだ。
メンバーが増えたり、入れ替えたりしながら、これからも定期的にArt of Gravity展をやって行きたいと思ってる。



Firstly I would like to officially announce that we will be holding the second Art fo Gravity show for one week from the 8th of October this year. The venue will be the same as last time (Kitahama, Takamatsu) but this time membership has swollen to 8 artists. This was obviously a nice surprise and as with last time we have all bases covered as far as genres are concerned – silver accessory design, clothing, bags, sculpture, photography and of course some graphic art from myself.

This time the show will be sponsored by Graph Design, who fittingly enough I came in contact with through the first show. I am hoping this will become a regular thing with an ever expanding/changing group of artists.

The finer details have not yet been decided but I will post them as soon as they appear.

One of our new members is Hamada-kun who hand crafts silver accessories of the skull and bones variety. The level of detail shown in his work is intense and each piece takes a considerable amount of time. Amazing work considering that he also holds down a full time job and humbly suggests that his silver work is just a hobby. Anyway take a look for yourself.

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