Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Calling All Cars: Marsimoto

For the first time in a long while here is a Calling All Cars custom – in fact the 45th artist custom so far.
I actually received this some time last year, so can’t even begin to apologise for how late I am in posting it.
This great design comes from young German artist Elias Heinel.
It is a homage to German rapper Marsimoto and comes complete with a mini boombox and street diorama.
Head over to Horrorwood Hills to grab the free download.

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BLVCK CVT and Horrorwood Hills Revamp

Here is my latest paper toy BLVCK CVT.
Available for free download in 2 editions – Regular and Midnight.

From now on my latest paper toys will be available directly from the new Downloads page on my blog.
Older models will then be moved to my paper toy site Horrorwood Hills which I am now refering to as my Papercraft Archive.

I have also given Horrorwood Hills a cosmetic overhaul and would like to remind you that there are over 100 paper toys available there for free download.

Expect a lot more paper-based activity from Horrorwood over the coming months.

Happy Halloween!


最新のペーパークラフト「BLVCK CVT」を紹介します。

数ヵ月たったものは僕のペーパークラフト専門サイト「Horrorwood Hills」に移動しますので、最新のもの以外はそちらからダウンロードして下さい。
Horrorwood Hillsは上の「Papercraft Archive」リンクからアクセス出来ます。

Horrorwood Hillsのグラフィックもリニューアルして、100枚以上のオリジナル・ペーパークラフトを無料で


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Coming soon: BLVCK CVT

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Profondo Rosso

Here is a custom I did a few months ago of VinsArt’s Ape-Paper.
My design is called “Profondo Rosso” (a nod to the horror theme and the fact that Vins is Italian).
I used Photoshop for this one, as a more realistic approach seemed to fit the model better.
For more photos and to download the template please click here.

デザインのタイトルは「Profondo Rosso」(Vinsさんはイタリア人なので有名なイタリアのホラー映画のタイトルを使った)。

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Water Warrior

Indonesian artist Aditya Sustiawan provides another great entry to the Calling All Cars lineup.
The name of this design is “Water Warrior” and is a pair for his design from earlier this year “Rebel The Word”.
Click here to go grab it!

最新の「Calling All Cars」カスタムを紹介します。
インドネシアのアーティストAditya Sustiawanさんから又素敵なデザインを頂きました。
今回の車の名前は「Water Warrior」で、5月に紹介した「Rebel The Word」とのペアになります。

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Rebel The Word

Well overdue once again but here is the latest addition to the Calling All Cars line-up.
I present to you “Rebel The Word” from Indonesian artist Aditya Sustiawan.
Apologies for the delay and click here to go grab your free download.

またものすごく遅れてしまったけど、最新の「Calling All Cars」カスタムを紹介します。
今回はインドネシアのアーティストAditya Sustiawanさんから頂いた「Rebel The Word」です。

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As you can probably tell by the lack of updates things are a little busy here.
I have finally got around to finishing a few projects.
This is very late, but here is my custom of baykiddead‘s Leechoso.
My design is called “Miasma”.
For more photos and to grab the file please click here.


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Spider Monkey

Here is my latest paper toy custom for Ivan Ricci aka Kawaii-Style.
This is my version of Ivan’s “Kikoo” and is imaginatively titled “Spider Monkey”.
Kikoo was a fun base to work with and the whole design of the finished model is very innovative.
Click here to for more pics and to download the satanic Spider Monkey for yourself.

最新のカスタムを紹介します。ベースはIvan Ricci(Kawaii-Style)さんの「Kikoo」。
僕の悪魔の猿くんの名前は見た目の通りの「Spider Monkey」(クモザル)。

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Chick Magnet

Here is a special Calling All Cars release for Valentine’s Day.
This ladies’ man was designed by photographer Garrison Beau Scott aka baykiddead, and is appropriately titled “chick.magnet”.
Let’s hope he has some luck with the ladies this Valentine’s Day.
Click here to go grab the template.

Garrison has recently taken the plunge into the paper toy world and has already come up with some nice original designs.
Stay tuned for a possible Horrorwood x baykiddead collabo coming soon.

Horrorwoodからのバレンタイン・ギフトとして、「Calling All Cars」の新カスタムを紹介します。
フォトグラファーのGarrison Beau Scottさん(通称 baykiddead)による「chick.magnet」(色男)。



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Esoteric Nanibirds

Here are my 2 latest customs for the 4th (and possible final) Batch of Josh McKible’s Nanibirds.
This time Josh managed to assemble 40 fantastic designs from around the world.
As usual with my Nanibird customs I went overboard and made a pair. These 2 are called “Esoteric Day” and “Esoteric Night”. As the title would suggest I went and covered them with as many esoteric and occult signs and symbols as I could.
They are however not completely random and I did quite a lot of research to make sure that everything I used is not just nonsense.
As you can see they also fit together by virtue of a Master Mason’s handshake.
Click here to go get ’em.

Josh McKibleさんのNanibirdの新シリーズのために作ったもの。
タイトルは「Esoteric Day」と「Esoteric Night」。

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Papertoy Monster Day

To celebrate the launch of the amazing new book Papertoy Monsters which features 2 designs by yours truly, Workman Publishing has dubbed January 25th Paper Monster Day. The author of the book paper-pal Castleforte and Workman have come up with all kinds of things to promote the book. Here is a sample:

My contribution to the book is the 2 monsters below “Lord Leonard” and “Lambert”.
They slot together to form a rather nifty desk tidy.
More details to come, as I haven’t actually received a copy of the book myself yet…

僕のデザインが2つ掲載されたペーパークラフト集「Papertoy Monsters」が先日発売されました。
発売の記念として出版社の「Workman Publishing」は1月25日を「Paper Monster Day」と名付けました。

以下が今回掲載された僕の2作品「Lord Leonard」と「Lambert」。

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Welcome to MMXI

Happy New Year from Horrorwood.
Here is the first Calling All Cars custom for 2011, a sweet monochrome number from French artist ETC aka Pandacrew.
Click here to go get it.

2011年の第1目の「Calling All Cars」のカスタムを紹介します。

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