Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Jet Plastic and Fonotune

Last year I was invited by German designer Fabian Huebner of Fint design to provide work for 2 very exciting projects. The first was to create a cover illustration and some logos for a new comic anthology that he is working on called Jet Plastic.
I have included my logo and a preview of the illustration here, but please head over to the site for more details on the project as well as a look at the other fantastic artists involved.

The second project was to provide some paper toys to promote Fabian’s feature film Fonotune.
Though it is taking me a long time, eventually there will be a toy for each of the 3 main characters in the film.
Last month an exhibition event was held in Berlin to promote the film called Fntnism and samples of my first toy were handed out to visitors. Fabian kindly sent me a pack of goodies from the event and again you can get a sneak peek of my work in the image below.


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701 Industries

Time for a long overdue update.
Here is the colour version of my illustration Sharktopus.
I made this for my buddy Chris Rauen who I mentioned in a previous post.

Chris actually runs a business called 701 Industries that makes parts for jet skis, which will hopefully help make sense of my illustration.
Check out their Facebook page here.

I also did some logo work for 701 that can be seen on a lot of their products:



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Shrunken Heads in Colour


WIP – Shrunken Heads


WIP – Sharktopus


Kickstarter Success

Totally after the fact as usual but I am incredibly pleased to announce that the Shove It! Kickstarter was a success and we ended up with 45% over the target fund raising amount. This means that the exhibition will go ahead as planned in June. Many thanks to Baykiddead and all involved for their hard work.

I myself made a small contribution to get hold of an awesome commemorative t-shirt designed by British illustrator Uberkraaft featuring the following image:

Here also is a full reveal of my design. I have ordered a few decks for myself and can’t wait to see how the real thing looks.

As for the paper toy you will have to wait for the exhibition.

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Shove It! Kickstarter

A Kickstarter program has now been started by Baykiddead to help cover the costs of putting on the Shove It! exhibition that I introduced in my last post.
However they are not simply asking for donations – with Kickstarter rewards are offered depending on how much you contribute. For example if you pledge $75 then you can receive one of the decks from the exhibition. This time the pledge range is from between $5 and $10000. The project must reach its target of $6250 by April 3rd or all pledges will be lost.

Below is an updated selection of decks designs that have been submitted so far and also a widget displaying the current status of the campaign.
Every little helps so please contribute if you can. It’s a chance to help a great project and get hold of some amazing artwork.


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Shove It!

A little while back paper pal Baykiddead invited me to take part in a very exciting project.
He told me that he was gathering artists for a group exhibition entitled Shove It! to raise money to build America’s largest free outdoor skatepark in downtown Des Moines (Iowa).
My job was to design a skateboard deck and accompanying paper toy.

The deck proved to be a big challenge as it a unique size and shape to work with and it took me a lot longer than I expected. Thankfully I just managed to finish my pieces before the deadline.
Baykiddead just revealed a preview of the first 5 designs, which can be seen above.
My design is titled “False Idol” and is my usual occult demon face affair.

Shove It! will take place from June 7th at the Polk County Heritage Gallery in Des Moines.
All the details including the artist line-up etc. can be found by clicking here.
There is also a Shove It! Facebook page.

I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity and hope that my contribution will go some way to helping realize this very worthwhile project.

展示会のタイトルは「Shove It!」(「ショービット」)で、今年アイオワ州の州都デモインで開催する予定です。

僕のデザインのタイトルは「False Idol」(偶像)で、いつも通りのオカルトなイメージです。

Shove It!はデモインのPolk County Heritage Galleryで6月7日から開催される予定。参加アーティストなどの詳しい情報はこちら専用Facebookページもあります。


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Here is the finished colour version of my piece “HRRRWD”.
Not quite sure what is going on here, but I just wanted to do a very clean, graphic piece, along the same lines as some of my Death Masks.
I also hoped that the concentric circles and repeat patterns would create a sort of hypnotic effect.
Don’t stare too long!


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A little while back I made a chance encounter with a guy called Chris Rauen through a toy trade.
It turns out that Chris is a very proficient custom figure maker and is currently working on a set of Japanese themed pieces. The theme for the customs is a modern take on feudal Japan, mixing ancient and modern warfare imagery.

When Chris heard that I was an illustrator and knew about Japan, he asked if I’d be willing to come up with some insignia for his characters. As a figure enthusiast I was happy for the chance to work on such an interesting project and set about designing some logos.

Chris’ 3 characters are called “The Fox”, “The Hound” and “The Wolf”. I took my inspiration from Japanese family crests and came up with a set of insignia for each character. I used images of animals from Japanese traditional artwork and religious statues.

I tweaked the results to Chris’ liking and the results can be seen here. The customs are apparently close to completion and the next step will be to integrate my logos into the designs somehow. I will report back when the figures are finished for the full reveal.

少し前に、フィギュアの交換がきっかけで、Chris Rauenというアメリカ人と出会った。
その3つのキャラクターの名前は、「The Fox」(狐)、「The Hound」(犬)、と 「The Wolf」(狼)。

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Here at last is the finished version of my first proper illustration this year called “Ouroboros”.
I have wanted to do my version of the Ouroboros for a while and was going for a mixture between
the traditional serpent image and a dragon.
I always like to make sure that the imagery I use is somewhat accurate and has some meaning, so
I spent time researching the Ouroboros myth and its appearance in different forms throughout history.
Included in the design are some of my discoveries, along with some original additions of my own.