Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
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I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Jelly

Here is my latest illustration called “I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Jelly”.
I have always found this phrase (originally from the Destiny’s Child song “Bootylicious”) very amusing and wanted to create a jelly that people really weren’t ready for.
I get influences from some strange places, but I am pleased with the end result on this one.

最新のイラスト「I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Jelly」を紹介します。
このタイトルはDestiny’s Childの歌「Bootylicious」から頂いた。このフレーズは昔から面白いと思って、言葉をこのイラストに直訳した。


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Here is my latest illustration entitled “Oddomatic”.
Some of you may remember that this is the same title as my friend’s band Eenik‘s debut album.

Though this piece was not done directly for the band, I ran with the word Oddomatic to see where it would take me. As you can see the result is a rather messy box of cereal, spilling muck and free gifts onto the breakfast table.

This one took me quite a long time, but I am very pleased with the result.
Hopefully this one will also turn into a poster or appear on a T-shirt at some point.


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Eenik Warrior

Here are 2 more pieces that I did for my friend’s band Eenik.
The first one turned out to be some kind of Samurai.
Again, I got some feedback from the band which helped create a much better end result.
I adjusted a few elements and changed the colour scheme to neon which I think works surprisingly well.

The second piece was more of an experiment in new techniques.
I reworked an old unfinished illustration and tried out some dirt and paint effects.
The logo at the bottom was created by my friend front-man Craig and will probably be used by the band from now on.
This one will probably not be used by the band but it was a good experiment nonetheless.

A few days ago I received a physical copy of Eenik’s new album “Oddomatic”.
The artwork on the case is fantastic and was also created by Craig.
I of course highly recommend the album. You can listen to a sample and purchase directly from the band’s blog.




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My good friend Craig’s band Eenik have been working on their first album for the last 5 years.
The hard work has finally paid off and their debut “Oddomatic” was released last month.
You can listen to/purchase the album by visiting the band’s homepage here.
Eenik’s music is an eclectic mix of many styles and I can guarantee that you have never heard anything like it before.
In celebration of the release I created the poster above for the band.
This image should make it on to a t-shirt soon.
I will hopefully be working a lot with the band from now on and am looking forward to trying out many new styles.


YouTube Preview Image

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Super Furry Animation

ピートはSFAのジャケットのイラストも描いていて、最初のビデオは彼のアニメーション。曲は「Hello Sunshine」。
2番目のビデオ「Lazer Beam」は、子供の頃にやってたゲームを思い出すから単純に好きだ。もちろん曲も好き。

Below are 2 videos from the legendary Welsh band The Super Furry Animals.
SFA have a long term relationship with one of my favourite artists Pete Fowler, famous for his monster designs produced through his Monsterism label.
Pete was responsible for a few of SFA’s jackets and here you can see a full animation for the song Hello Sunshine.
The second vid is also from SFA and I just liked it because it looked like the kind of game I used to play when I was young. The song is Lazer Beam.

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