Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
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Esoteric Nanibirds

Here are my 2 latest customs for the 4th (and possible final) Batch of Josh McKible’s Nanibirds.
This time Josh managed to assemble 40 fantastic designs from around the world.
As usual with my Nanibird customs I went overboard and made a pair. These 2 are called “Esoteric Day” and “Esoteric Night”. As the title would suggest I went and covered them with as many esoteric and occult signs and symbols as I could.
They are however not completely random and I did quite a lot of research to make sure that everything I used is not just nonsense.
As you can see they also fit together by virtue of a Master Mason’s handshake.
Click here to go get ’em.

Josh McKibleさんのNanibirdの新シリーズのために作ったもの。
タイトルは「Esoteric Day」と「Esoteric Night」。

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Watchmen Nanibirds

A little while ago Josh McKible invited me again to make some customs for his Nanibird series.
The Nanibird is a wonderful base to work with and I happily jumped on this opportunity.

With the exception my Nightmare on Elm Street inspired papercraft I don’t usually do parodies or homages.
However this time I had a stroke of inspiration and had to run with it.

I was reading the Watchmen and thinking about Nanibirds and the very obvious idea of a Nite Owl bird came to mind. Once I had completed Nite Owl I was compelled to create a natural pair for him in the form of madman Rorschach.  Though Rorschach doesn’t lend himself so well to the bird form, I am pleased with result and think they make a nice set.

As luck would have it the Watchmen movie has also just dropped on DVD making for a timely release.
Both toys can be downloaded from Horrorwood Hills or directly from the Nanibird homepage.
Josh has decided to do away with batch releases and will now be periodically putting customs he receives up for download on his site.

この間、Josh McKibleから再び「Nanibird」の新シリーズに参加するお誘いを受けた。

有名なアメコミ「Watchmen」を読んでいるときに、メインキャラクターの1人「Nite Owl」がNanibirdのカスタムにピッタリだと思いついた!
「Nite Owl」の完成後、彼の仲間の狂人「Rorschach」も作ることにした。

2つのクラフトは Horrorwood Hills もしくは「Nanibird」のホームページからダウンロードできます。

YouTube Preview Image

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Horrorwood x Nanibird – Calling All Cars Mega Combo

For the release of the Urban Paper book a few weeks ago Josh McKible (of Nanibird fame) and I decided to do a special collaboration. I came up with the idea of scaling up my “Calling All Cars” car so that it could accommodate one of Josh’s Nanibirds. The result is these 2 exclusive designs that can be downloaded as a deluxe bumper bundle.

My design is called “The Banana Bird”, for which I clothed a bird (based on a real Banana Bird) in the same outfit as my original “Go Bananas” ape. The car is the same red sporty number as the original (albeit super-sized to fit the bird).

Josh went with a radical reworking of the original base and created the wonderfully futuristic “Space Racer”.
The feeling of speed he created with this one is fantastic. Instead of wheels this baby actually “hovers” in the air.

This is a dual release available for download on both of our sites.

I have also created some wallpaper of my design at various sizes which is free to download.
Head over here or click the image above to grab the goods.

「Urban Paper」の本のリリース記念として、僕とNanibirdのJosh McKibleは特別のコラボ・プロジェクトを計画した。
JoshのNanibirdが乗れるように僕「Calling All Cars」の車を拡大してみた。

僕のクラフトは最初に出した車のデザイン「Go Bananas」のパクリ。
鳥は本当に実在する「Banana Bird」に基づいていて、鳥の衣装は「Go Bananas」の猿と同じ。

Joshは上手いこと工夫して、車をハイテックなスペースシップとして作り直した。タイトルは「Space Racer」。



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Nanibird Series 3

Imaginary Friend

Josh McKible has just released the third series of his wonderful papercraft creation Nanibird.
This time he has managed to collect a massive 30 designs from a wide range of artists.

As I mentioned a while back Josh was kind enough to invite me contribute a couple of the designs to the series (above).

You can download my design by visiting the papercraft page or by going directly to the Nanibird site.
All designs are free to download. Below is a sample of some designs by other artists.

前紹介したアーティスト友のJosh McKibleさんは先週彼のオリジナル・ペーパークラフト・シリーズ「Nanibird」の第3弾をリリースした。



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One of my recent web acquaintances is Josh McKible aka Mckibillo.
Josh is an American illustrator whose work will also be included in the Urban Paper book.
Amongst other things he produces the wonderful Nanibird papercraft series.

I have long been a fan of Josh’s papercraft and was happy to discover that his background story is quite similar to mine. Josh got fed up with life in New York a number of years ago and decided to move to his wife’s hometown in Japan.

Josh’s Nanibirds started life as a series of paintings, but were later transformed into perfectly formed paper toys. Sets of birds like the ones pictured above are produced by Josh himself and can be purchased through his website. There are also 2 full series featuring the work of many different artists (see below) that are available for free download.

Josh kindly gave me the opportunity to design a Nanibird for his next series to be released in December.
In fact I ended up making 2 because it was so much fun. The Nanibird is a simple but very interesting canvas to work with.

I usually have to design my papercract from scratch and the whole process is very time consuming. This time it was nice not to have to think about the technical side for once and focus solely on putting my artwork onto the Nanibird template.

On the Horrorwood side of things, I recently renovated my papercraft page, hopefully making it cleaner and more accessible.

Josh McKibleさんは日本在のアメリカ人イラストレーター。Mckibilloという名前で活躍している。
僕と同じく、Joshさんのペーパークラフトは来年発売される「Urban Paper」の本にフィーチャーされる。






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