Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Obscure x Horrorwood Paper Toys


These have been a long time in the pipeline, but I am proud to announce the release of my latest series of paper toys.
A while back I was commissioned by Glen Caskie of Obscure Clothing in the UK to produce some promotional toys for him. Obscure’s designs mainly focus on metal and horror themes and so I came up with this set of obscure-looking monsters.
I decided to go all out with these and can safely say that they are my most detailed pieces to date.
Many thanks to Glen for giving me this opportunity and I am so glad we can now share these designs with everyone.
The toys are available to purchase (as a download) direct from Obscure’s webshop.
99p each or £3 for the whole set – bargain!

このクラフトはPRアイテムとして、イギリスのObscure Clothingに依頼されました。
Osbcureの代表Glen Caskieさんにこのような機会を与えて頂いたこと、本当に感謝しています。




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Papertoy Monster Day

To celebrate the launch of the amazing new book Papertoy Monsters which features 2 designs by yours truly, Workman Publishing has dubbed January 25th Paper Monster Day. The author of the book paper-pal Castleforte and Workman have come up with all kinds of things to promote the book. Here is a sample:

My contribution to the book is the 2 monsters below “Lord Leonard” and “Lambert”.
They slot together to form a rather nifty desk tidy.
More details to come, as I haven’t actually received a copy of the book myself yet…

僕のデザインが2つ掲載されたペーパークラフト集「Papertoy Monsters」が先日発売されました。
発売の記念として出版社の「Workman Publishing」は1月25日を「Paper Monster Day」と名付けました。

以下が今回掲載された僕の2作品「Lord Leonard」と「Lambert」。

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I Want Your Skull 9

Firstly I must apologise to anyone who tried to visit my site over the last 3 weeks and found that it had been
listed as an attack site by Google. Some kind hacker found their way into my blog.
Thanks to the efforts of a computer literate friend of my mine things are finally back to normal.
Again, many apologies for the inconvenience.

Back to the case in hand. I returned from my holiday in the UK to find a very welcome package from America. It was also however tinged with much sadness as I received a stack of the latest I Want Your Skull magazines. This was the last issue of the magazine made before Ryan August passed away and the package also included a very kind note from his wife Sarah.

Issue 9 is as always of the highest quality and includes art from some real heavy hitters such as Brian Morris and Hydro74. I think that it is a fitting tribute to all the hard work and passion that Ryan put into this project. My humble contribution can be seen above. The brief was to create something on the theme of “Rebellion” and my piece is called “The Endless Struggle”. I was working again with symmetry and esoteric symbolism.

R.I.P. Ryan.


その中身は「I Want Your Skull」雑誌の最新版。もちろん頂くのは嬉しかったけど、同時にとても悲しい気持ちも感じて。
というのも編集者のRyan Augustさんが亡くなる前の最後の一冊だったから。

今回の雑誌も相変わらずレベルが高く、Brian MorrisHydro74などのアート界の大物も参加している。


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Skull King

I was once again kindly invited to contribute to the brilliant I Want Your Skull magazine by Ryan August.
This time however was extra special for me because Ryan offered me an interview and I created an original paper toy that is included as a gift with the magazine.
My craft is called Skull King and there are 5 different colourways that are distributed randomly.
I tried to design the craft so it would look equally attractive as a flat print that could be hung on the wall.
Issue 8 of IWYS includes 35 pages of artwork by some amazing artists and is limited to 250 copies.
Head over to the IWYS homepage to grab your copy now.
More detailed photos of Skull King can be found here.

Ryan Augustから雑誌「I Want You Skull」のために特別なペーパークラフトを作るという招待を頂いた。
「I Want You Skull」はRyanのサイトから直接購入出来ます。

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Illustration Update

Here are 3 more illustrations that I recently completed.
First up is “Dawn of the Plaid”, my favourite of the bunch.
I became a little obsessed with creating tartan patterns a while back and this is the result.
I created all of the patterns used in the piece from scratch.

Next is my second “Death Mask”.
This one was supposed to be South American in theme but ended up looking more North American.

Lastly “Best Fiends”.
This is my first attempt at illustrating directly on a photo.
I am not wholly satisfied with the results but is was a good exercise nonetheless.

“Dawn of the Plaid” and “Death Mask 2” are both available as prints from my Society 6 shop.
最初は個人的に一番気に入っている「Dawn of the Plaid」。

次は2番目の「Death Mask」。

最後は「Best Fiends」。

「Dawn of the Plaid」と「Death Mask 2」は僕の「Society 6」ウェッブショップにて購入することが出来る。

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Dolly Oblong x Horrorwood

Without meaning to show bias, for me one of the stand out cars in my Calling All Cars series was
Dolly Oblong‘s “Jimi” from the first series.
When Dolly launched her Paper Totem series I leapt on the opportunity to reciprocate with a design of my own.
To take things a step further a few months ago I approached Dolly to enquire about the possibility of her making some exclusive Horrorwood plush toys (her other speciality apart from paper).
She kindly agreed and the results are what you see here.
There are 2 colourways of what I have dubbed “Horror Cat”, and 1 of “Horror Bunny”.
For these toys, Dolly took 2 of her existing designs and created these special Horrorwood colours with faces taken from some of my illustrations.
I will be opening the official Horrorwood online store sometime soon and these will be some of the opening products on offer.
Watch this space.

贔屓目に見るとか関係なく、個人的に「Calling All Cars」シリーズの中ではDolly Oblongがデザインした第1シリーズの「Jimi」が本当に飛びぬけて目立っていると思う。
素晴らしいデザインのお返しに、Dollyのオリジナル・シリーズ「Paper Totem」にデザインを提供させてもらった。

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ToysREvil x Horrorwood

As most of you probably know I am a big toy and film fan. One of the best blogs out there for covering news on both of these topics is ToysREvil (TRE), which I check without fail every morning.

Andy from ToysREvil has been kind enough to blog about my paper toys since I started out, and a while back I propositioned him about the possibility of a tie-up piece between TRE and Horrorwood.
Well, it finally came to fruition in the form of an exclusive TRE Calling All Cars paper toy.

This week sees TRE’s first appearance at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC).
Andy and I saw this as a timely opportunity to work together and my car is available in very limited numbers exclusively at STGCC. It is signed by Andy and myself and available in both the regular 100% size and very special 140% size.

The cube character was originally designed by Andy a long time ago, and his sketches that I used for reference can be seen here.
In the cube’s hand you can also see a very special toy. This is the TRE Yoka, and is Andy’s first ever real world product which he is launching at STGCC.

This year’s STGCC marks a very important point in the development of TRE and will also hopefully be the start of an exciting relationship with Horrorwood.
Along with running his own booth at the convention, Andy is also an official blogger for the show.
Needless to say Andy is very busy right now.

Info on TRE at STGCC can be found here.
More details on the TRE car and an in-depth interview with yours truly can be found here.

嬉しいことにAndyはその話にのってくれて、TRE 「Calling All Cars」の特別なペーパークラフトを作った。

今週Andyの母国シンガポールで「Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention」(略STGCC、おもちゃなどの展覧会)が開催れた。




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I Want Your Skull Seven

Several months ago Ryan August invited me again to contribute an illustration to his I Want Your Skull magazine. Of course I leapt on the opportunity and produced the illustration that you see here. This is probably the only non-papercraft thing I have done this year, so it is great to see it in print at last.

Putting this issue together was another labour of love and it looks like Ryan has once again produced a top class magazine. This issue comes in a custom envelope and includes a lovely serigraph art print by one of my favourite artists Drew Millward. The wrap-around cover is by killer skull artist Brian Morris.

Ryan has gone back to a small print run with this one. There are only 250 available so go grab ’em while they’re hot! Available directly from Ryan’s site here.

数ヶ月前にRyan Augustから「I Want You Skull」雑誌のためにイラストを描くという招待を頂いた。
格好いいロゴの封筒入って、僕の一番好きなアーティストの一人Drew Millwardが描いたシルク版画も付いている。
裏表のカバーイラストはスカルイラスト達人Brian Morrisの作品。

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The Art of Skulls

Last week I received a batch of the latest issue of “I Want Your Skull” magazine from my friend Ryan August.
As I mentioned before, my illustration features in this issue so I was suitably excited to get my paws on the magazine.

Though I do say so myself, I think this issue is one of the best so far. For this issue Ryan decided to go with only illustrations and no articles and I think this was a good decision, as it makes for a very pure and clean aesthetic.

The magazine is available directly from Ryan through the I Want Your Skull website, and also from me if anyone happens to be in Japan.

Below is the illustration that I submitted for this issue, entitled originally enough “I Want Your Skull”.

先週ネット友のRyan Augustさんから、雑誌「I Want Your Skull」の最新号を何冊か送って頂いた。

興味ある方はRyanさんのウェブサイト「I Want Your Skull」から直接注文できます。


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Meat Bear

ホラーウッドの最新のTシャツを紹介します。今回の「Meat Bear」(肉好きな熊)が登場します。



Here is my latest T-Shirt design featuring my character “Meat Bear”.
I have sketched a similar looking character many times in the past and decided to bring him back.

This was my first attempt at printing with more than one colour. Though it looks simple, lining up the heart was quite a challenge, so I will have to think carefully before trying any more complex prints.

The shirt is available on white or grey and there is a variety of heart colours.
See the T-shirt page for more details.

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Bad Eggs




最初のデザインに「Bad Eggs」っていうキャラクターを選びました。



I have finally completed my first batch of T-shirts and they are officially now on sale.

I discovered that screen printing is not as easy as it appears, but am pretty pleased with the result and learnt a lot through the experience.

For my first release I went with a simple black and white design called “Bad Eggs”.
These are characters that I have had flouting around in my head for some time now.
The shirts are 100% heavy-weight cotton and come in a screen printed envelope with an exclusive full colour postcard.
They are available in most sizes and come in black on white or white or black.

For more details please see the new T-shirts page here.

More designs and more colours to follow soon.

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Business Cards

この間Snug Stainの嶋谷さんから名刺デザインの依頼が来た。
前に作ったSnug Stainのパッケージと同じ雰囲気のデザイン(汚れたっぷり)を4つのパターンで考えた。

I was recently asked to design some business cards for my friend Takeshi’s jewelry label Snug Stain. This was my first time to design cards for other people and I found it surprisingly hard to get a good balance within a limited canvas space.

I went with a similar design style to the Snug Stain packaging I created a few months back, namely a lot of oil and paint splatters. I ended up with 4 variations and Takeshi chose 2 of those – the results of which can be seen above.

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