Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
A more detailed profile can be found here

You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Snake Eyes Artist Series 1

As a brief interlude to all those cars, I present the (very) long overdue third series of Snake Eyes.
Many apologies for the delay.
This series features the designs of 5 fantastic guest artists:

A very colourful pop design from paper super star Shin Tanaka.
A mysterious abstract design from multi-talented Indonesian artist Thunder Panda.
A psychedelic rock trip from the very prolific paper maker Harlancore.
A wonderfully aggressive bear from French character master Tougui.
An insanely detailed hand-drawn piece from photographer friend Overcast.

Download all 5 here.

Calling All Cars」はちょっと休憩して、延び延びになっていた「Snake Eyes」の第3弾を紹介します。

・ペーパークラフト界のスーパースター、Shin Tanaka のカラフルでポップのキャラクター
・インドネシアの多才なアーティストThunder Panda の不思議で抽象的なデザイン
・多作のペーパーアーティストHarlancore のサイケデリック・ロック・トリップ
・フランスのキャラクターマスターTougui による怖可愛いクマさん
・写真家の友人Overcast のめちゃくちゃ細かい手描きの作品


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Snake Eyes Series 2

Firstly, a big apology to anyone who kindly visited my site over the last few days and found nothing here.
The problem is now resolved and will hopefully not happen again anytime soon.

On to more fun business…

Hot on the heels of Series 1, I present to you Snake Eyes Series 2.
5 original Horrorwood designs, available for free download here.

I feel that the first series may have been a little inaccessible, so this time I went with my more usual illustrative style and more pop designs.

As I mentioned before, the next series will be a guest artist series and will be released at the end of March.



Snake Eyesシリーズ1に引き続き、早速第2弾を紹介します!


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Snake Eyes

Recently I have been putting most of my artistic efforts into papercraft and as such decided to launch a new mini-site to house all future papercraft projects. The site is called Horrorwood Hills.

Along with the site I have launched my attempt at a simple platform toy called “Snake Eyes”.
The first series of Snake Eyes called “Finders Keepers” is now available for free download.
The series includes 5 designs all created using photos “found” on Flickr and available for use under a Creative Commons license. Follow the link below to get downloading:

Next up will be a series of designs in my more usual illustrative style, and then an artist series featuring designs contributed by some very exciting guest artists.
Keep your eyes on the Hills as I have a number of new project ideas up my sleeve.

サイト名は「Horrorwood Hills」。

新サイトと同時に新ペーパークラフト「Snake Eyes」もリリースした。

第1シリーズは「Finders Keepers」(諺:「拾ったものは自分のもの」)。



様々なクラフトプロジェクトを予定しているので、これから「Horrorwood Hills」を要チェック!

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