Horrorwood is Jack Hankins, a British illustrator and paper toy designer currently living in Japan.
Jack likes to draw nasty beasts of all varieties.
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You can contact the artist at info(at)horrorwood.info or through the contact page.

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Here Comes The Jumbo Car

As mentioned in a previous post I recently received the 40th custom toy for my Calling All Cars series.
In celebration I have decided to release a jumbo version of the very first custom I received from the masterful Matt Hawkins.
Matt’s design looked great before, but looks even wilder as a jumbo car.
Click here to get your paws on this big boy!
Many thanks once again to Matt of course.

この間紹介したとおり「Calling All Cars」シリーズの第40番目のカスタムを頂いた。
ペーパー世界の大物Matt Hawkinsから頂いた、シリーズの第1台の車のジャンボ・バージョンです。

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Urban Paper Show Tokyo

Following hot on the heels of the Urban Paper show in the Netherlands, the next exhibition will be held here in Japan from September 7th-20th.
Josh McKible (Nanibird) kindly organized the event, which will be held at Cafe Pause in Tokyo run by Tokyo-based writer Jean Snow.
At present there are 13 artists confirmed for the show including Josh and myself.
In celebration of the opening of the show Josh also created a very lovely little paper toy mascot (above) which can be downloaded here.
I will also be revealing my Jumbo Go Bananas craft for the first time (below) in Tokyo.
This special toy will only be available at my exhibitions and possibly in limited quantities on my website at a later date.

Urban Paper」発売記念の展示会はまだまだ続く。アメリカ、オランダに引き続き、今回は東京!
Nanibird」のJosh McKibleがまとめ役になってくれた。ライターのJean Snowが経営している池袋のCafe Pauseで、9月7日~20日に開催。
今回僕は「Go Bananas」の巨大バージョン(下参照)を初めてお披露目する。

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Papercraft Roundup

I have been receiving a steady stream of customs for my Calling All Cars project.
Here are the next 2 great designs and I will be introducing more as soon as I have time to build them.

First up is this fearsome hot rod by Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck].
Matthijs went all out with a whole extra sheet of custom parts. This one took some building!

Second is a rather smart Mexican Day of the Dead low-rider by Jonathan Greenwell aka Jonny Chiba.
I think the low-rider idea really suits the original form of the car.

Both of these artists have craft featured in the Urban Paper book.
Speaking of which, Matt Hawkins just sent me a flyer for the Urban Paper book launch party and papertoy art show. The show will be held at the Mobius Gallery in L.A. on Saturday May 2nd from 7pm. Anyone in the area please go and check out what promises to be a really fun show. I would love to be there, but it is not to be.

Also on the paper tip, I have just mildly renovated the Horrorwood Hills site to hopefully make it more accessible. All my new craft will be available from the site from now on.

Lastly I have recently started Twittering, so most days you will be able to find out what thoroughly exciting stuff I am up to in the Twitter box to the right.

More customs to follow soon, and I will also be releasing the first wave for download as soon as I can get around to making all the models.

Calling All Cars」プロジェクトの嬉しいニュース!

第3の参加アーティストはMatthijs Kamstra(別名[mck])。

第4参加者はJonathan Greenwell(別名Jonny Chiba)。

以上のアーティストのデザインは今月末に発売される「Urban Paper」の本に載っています。
「Urban Paper」と言えば、この間編集者のMatt Hawkinsから出版記念パーティーについての連絡を頂いた。
パーティーとギャラリーショーは5月2日(土)の7時から、ロサンゼルスのMobius Galleryで開催される。

そろそろ「Calling All Cars」のクラフト第1弾(5デザイン)を無料ダウンロードできるようします。
そのために、Horrorwood Hillsのクラフト専用サイトをもっと分かりやすく先週リニューアルしました。



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Paper Video

Urban Paper the Movie from Studio N8 on Vimeo.

Matt Hawkins kindly sent me a link to a short video that will be featured on the DVD to be released with his book “Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build” next Spring.
It introduces all of the featured artists’ papercraft, and if you watch carefully a few of my designs are featured about halfway through.

On a similar note, I will be dropping my (delayed) papercraft for October very shortly.

来年の春に発売予定の「Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build」のリード・アーティスト兼編集者Matt Hawkinsさんがこのビデオクリップのことを知らせてくれた。


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Horrorwood News

I thought it was about time that I updated with a few pieces of Horrorwood news.

Firstly as I am sure most of you will have noticed I am slowly bringing a few different touches to the site and started with a new header logo.

This also brings me to my second piece of news. I have just completed my third t-shirt design. The front bears the above new logo in shocking pink, with “The Beast of Horrorwood” curled up on the back. I personally feel that this is the best shirt so far. More details can be found on the t-shirts page.

Thirdly, as I may have mentioned before, my papercraft “Go Bananas” is to feature in a bona fide published book. It is called “Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build“, and was put together by web aquaintance Matt Hawkins, who kindly asked me to join the project a few months ago. The book will be out next Spring but is available for pre-order on Amazon now. It will include a DVD of all the papercraft designs for readers to put together themselves.

Lastly, today was the opening day of The Art of Gravity Part 3 show. It was a national holiday here in Japan today and this was reflected in the number of visitors we had (over 100 at the midway point when I left). We were also interviewed live on local radio. I feel that I have upped the ante both with the quality of my artwork and display this year. The show will be running all week if anyone is in the area.




以前ブログに書いたかもしれないが、僕のクラフト「Go Bananas」は本格的な本に掲載される。
本のタイトルは「Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build」。
ウェブを通して知り合ったMatt Hawkinsさんが編集したもので、来年の春に発売予定だけど、既にアマゾンなどで予約できるらしい。

今日から、グループ展示会「The Art of Gravity 第三弾」が始まった。

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