Yasushi Hamada was born and raised in Kagawa prefecture. He worked as an animator for 3 years before tiring of the work, and is currently working part time in order to allow himself time to concentrate on creating silver accessories.

His main passion is for bones and skulls and this often leads those around him to consider him a little strange. However, the artist himself enjoys the notoriety and so this only makes matters worse!

Yasushi's favourite artists include Hirohiko Araki, Yasushi Nirasawa, Todd McFarlane, Tom Savini and Torihada Minoru.

Whether he is creating rings, pendants or chains they always seem to turn out in the form of bones or skulls. However, the artist would like to make it clear that he takes his work seriously... well fairly seriously anyway.

濱田靖士:生まれも育ちも香川県。約3年間アニメーターの仕事をしていたが、 飽きて今はバイトをしながらシルバーアクセサリーを造っている。

しかも骨ばかり。そんな骨好きの彼はまわりからヲタクだとか変なヤツだとか言われているが、 本人はそれを喜んでいるのでタチが悪い。

好きなアーティストは荒木飛呂彦、韮沢靖、トッド マクファーレン、トム サヴィーニ、鳥肌実。

リング、ペンダント、チェーン、ほとんどが骨ばっかり。いえ、ふざけてません。 本人はマジメにやってます。・・・ちょっとウソです。