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Xmas 2009 Bonus Car

New Year 2010 Bonus Car

Valentine Couple 2010

Autumn Special 2010

Xmas Bonus 2010

Calling All Cars Valentine's Bonus 2011

Calling All Cars Spring Special 2011

Calling All Cars Midsummer Special 2011

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Matt Hawkins

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Horrorwood x Nanibird
Banana Bird & Space Racer

Horrorwood x ToysREvil
TRE 5th Birthday Car

I am no longer officially recruiting artists for this project.
However I am always happy to receive your designs.
I will add new designs to the site for download as and when I receive them and their arrival will be announced on my blog.

You can download the template by clicking the image below.
Completed designs should be sent to the address given below in PDF format.
Please include your artist name and homepage address if you have one.